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With our experience and track record of success, we have what it takes to consistently gain favorable outcomes for our clients. We offer the best possible legal advice and guidance to help our clients gain an advantage in their disputes and ensure that their rights are protected in the process. By allowing our attorneys to advocate on your behalf, you can rest assured that everything possible will be done to get you the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Our Team

Super Lawyer

Valorie S. Chavin

Super Lawyer

James E. Mitchell
Rami Shmuely
George O. Mitchell, II
Esther Meisels

Rising Star

Yulia G. Salim
Kathryn Winkler
George O. Mitchell, Sr.

Our Staff

Irma Sotolongo
Yovel Lagziel
Cesar Reyes
Coral Vittini
Carol Nunez
Oriana Reta
Annie Vega